LOOP CITY is a green and vibrant cluster of cities comprised of ten contiguous municipalities that connect Copenhagen to the open countryside. It combines smart, high-quality urban living with an environmentally friendly light rail that will inject new life into communities while bringing them closer together. Our collaboration rethinks how municipal borders are defined and the way we manage our common resources and individual strengths. Together, we create growth and a better quality of life. Together, we will develop LOOP CITY and in the process make ten dynamic urban communities even more prosperous and healthy.


The light rail’s closely placed stations are surrounded by city life and are located within walking distance to an increasing number of attractive housing and work places, while also providing easy access to nature, water and recreation grounds. We need to further develop these areas so that it will become even more attractive to live and work in LOOP CITY. We offer the advantages of small town living – closeness and a sense of security – with a big city pulse.

Our common approach to business, excellent infrastructure and the abundance of attractive commercial real estate makes it uniformly easy to set up and operate a business here. LOOP CITY also brings the business clusters and companies spread across the municipalities closer together. The labour force is large and consists of both skilled and unskilled workers to meet the staffing demands of everything from manufacture/processing to knowledge-based companies.


LOOP CITY is inclusive and helps households attain a better, healthier working life and family life. In the same vein, it also creates unique conditions for more social equity and social mobility. We are moving forward, and everyone is welcome to join us. We think big and work closely together to launch new initiatives for the benefit of urban life, LOOP CITY, Greater Copenhagen and the whole of Denmark.


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