The following parties are involved in LOOP CITY: The Capital Region, Ministry of Transport, Danish Business Authority, and the following municipalities: Lyngby-Taarbæk, Gladsaxe, Herlev, Rødovre, Albertslund, Glostrup, Vallensbæk, Ishøj, Brøndby, Hvidovre.

The overarching organisation of the collaboration is comprised of the group of mayors and the head of the regional council, a Reference Group and a Programme Steering Group, as can be seen in the organogram below.



More information about the groups can be found here (PDF)
More information about LOOP CITY’S workprogram here (PDF)

Group of mayors and head of regional council

The organisational structure of LOOP CITY is tied to an existing inter-municipal cooperative framework between the mayors of the relevant municipalities and the head of the regional council (Capital Region).

This group of mayors and the head of the Regional Council refer all political matters to the ten municipal/city councils and the Regional Council.

All politicians involved in the collaboration are invited to an annual political seminar where the agenda revolves around future cooperation and discussing priority areas.


Reference Group

The Reference Group consists of a manager or technical section head from each municipality, supplemented by a director from the Capital Region and a head of section from the Danish Business Authority and Ministry of Transport as well as representatives from the Greater Copenhagen Light Rail.

The Reference Group has the task of monitoring and setting the direction for the collaboration projects as well as ensuring that the local context is considered in the planning and execution of projects.

This Group refers to the group of mayors and head of the Regional Council, who in turn refer all political matters to the ten municipal/city councils and the Regional Council.

Programme Steering Group

The Programme Steering Group serves as the Reference Group’s executive committee and consists of two representatives from the municipalities, one of whom is the chairman of the Reference Group, and two representatives from the Capital Region.

As per 1 January, 2015, the Programme Steering Group is composed of the following members:

  • CEO Bo Rasmussen, Gladsaxe Municipality (Chairman)
  • Area Director City, Culture, Environment and Employment Niels Carsten Bluhme, Albertslund Municipality
  • Director for Regional Development Claus Billehøj, Capital Region
  • Section Head for Climate and Resources Pia Nielsen, Capital Region

The Programme Steering Group – as established by the Reference Group – is responsible for launching and monitoring projects within the agreed framework and budgets and report on Loop City’s various projects and their results to the Reference Group and the group of mayors and head of the Regional Council.


Programme Secretariat

The Programme Secretariat supports the cooperation partners, the group of mayors and head of the regional council, the Reference Group and the Programme Steering Group with agendas and relevant material.

The Secretariat is also tasked with monitoring and/or managing LOOP CITY’s joint projects, administrating and coordinating projects, and drafting positions, project presentations and reports for the project management board.

In addition, the Programme Secretariat is also responsible for developing and managing the collaborative platform through for instance fund-raising, preparing meetings and communication – including managing and organising conferences, exhibitions, etc.

Contact details for the Programme Secretariat can be found here.


Resource Group

The Programme Secretariat is complemented by a Resource Group consisting of a fixed contact person from each of the 10 municipalities as well as the Danish Business Authority and the Ministry of Transport.

The Resource Group participates in projects and also serves as the programme’s standard communication link to the municipalities.

Advisory board

LOOP CITY’s Advisory Board functions as a strong network in relation to known drivers such as industry, knowledge, innovation and investment.

The Board’s role is to help strengthen decision-making capabilities in both the programme steering committee and the reference group as well as contribute expert knowledge within certain work areas and segments.

The Board also serves the additional purpose of helping to further increased national/international awareness and understanding of LOOP CITY.

The members of the LOOP CITY Advisory Board are:

  • Caroline Arends, CEO,  Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge & Urban Development
  • Neel Strøbæk, Market Director, Ramboll Group
  • Jeanette Carlsson, CEO, @newmedia2.0
  • Lau Melchiorsen, CEO, Sadolin & Albæk


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